Henkilökohtainen hälytysjärjestelmä

Personal Alarm Systems for Cryonicists by Ben Best

A deanimation alarm system for cryonicists should ideally have the following features:

  • rapid detection of cessation of vital signs, preferably heartbeat
  • a comfortable and convenient vital signs detection device
  • a detection device that can trigger calls to multiple phone numbers upon alarm conditions (and possibly send e-mail messages)
  • one of the phone numbers is guaranteed to connect to a waiting person who will respond helpfully
  • the detection device can be functional at all times, including during a bath or shower
  • there are minimal problems with power recharging
  • the system is wirelessly operational anywhere in the world
  • the detection device includes GPS capability
  • GPS information can be included in the phone/e-mail messages or could be determined directly by direct communication of the call center with the detection device
  • there are no false alarms, or false alarms are infrequent and easily handled
  • the alarm is triggered not only by cardiac arrest, but by a full minute of heartrate below 20 beats per minute so as to anticipate impending deanimation